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About Us

I am a college graduate with over 30 years in the insurance industry, 26 of them specializing in Medicare and Senior Planning.

I began my journey in 1980, after graduating from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State).

Throughout the years, I have worked with numerous companies.  I also owned my own agency for several years.

I offer free, no obligation, counseling to my clients.  If you have a question or concern about your options, you may email me and I will attempt to answer your query as quickly as possible.  I feel that every senior in Colorado (and the rest of the country) needs to understand their options, rights and entitlements, as they pertain to Medicare.  Be sure to visit the resource library.  There you will find links to many websites that can help you understand what you need to know.

While I do offer insurance products (i.e. Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care Coverage, Life Insurance, Dental, Cancer Plans and annuities) to those who are interested , the advice you receive from me will be completely impartial.  It is my mission to be a “credible educator”.

I am a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, the Colorado Gerontological Society, the Denver Senior Coalitions, the Colorado Senior Advisors Network, the Senior Alliance Network, and Hope and Change for Senior Adults.

“The greatest lesson that I can impart to anyone is that to give without expecting anything in return is to truly give from the heart.”

Sometimes the best education one receives does not come from a classroom, but rather through life’s experiences. With 30 years working in this industry, I feel I am as qualified as anyone (more so than most) to give good unbiased advice and opinions to Seniors.